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RISTI, KCHAIN join PUBLISH, BDO Sunghyun-led initiative to build blockchain-based ESG service

10 Jan. 2022

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From left to right: RISTI CEO Lee Woosung, BDO Sunghyun Managing Partner Yoon Kilbae, PUBLISH CEO Kwon Sungmin, and KCHAIN CEO Jung Sukhyun.

Further to the 13 December 2021 MoU signed between PUBLISH and BDO Sunghyun to build a blockchain-based ESG service, PUBLISH is pleased to announce that RISTI and KCHAIN have agreed to join the partnership.

RISTI (Research Institute of Sustainable Technology & Innovation), which is specialized in the use of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) to help realize Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), will provide consultation services.

KCHAIN, a blockchain consulting, training and development firm, will collaborate with PUBLISH in developing the technological component of the new ESG service.

Commenting on the partnership, which is now composed of PUBLISH, BDO Sunghyeon, RISTI and KCHAIN, Yoon Kilbae, a Managing Partner of BDO Sunghyeon, said he expects the project to benefit from the “synergistic effects” of the collaboration between the four companies.

“With the worsening climate, ESG [Environmental, Social, and Governance] investing has become a key focus among investors,” said RISTI CEO Lee Woosung. “At RISTI, we help businesses and governments alike meet ESG expectations through science, technology, and innovation.”

PUBLISH CEO Sonny Kwon, who was recently appointed Chairman of the ESG Sustainability Council at Yonsei University, added that “having clear ESG goals is no longer an option for businesses in 2022.”

“Recently, KCHAIN developed a cryptocurrency donation solution that makes use of NFTs, and we are excited to apply our blockchain expertise in the area of ESG,” added KCHAIN CEO Jung Sukhyun.

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