• Sonny Kwon

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer

    Sonny is a serial digital entrepreneur focused on digital media and distributed ledger technology.

  • Paul Kim

    Chief Executive Officer of PUBLISH Ventures

    Paul is a strategic business, investment, and M&A expert with experience in various overseas project planning, project financing, investment attraction and overseas expansion.

  • Wayne Kim

    Chief Research Officer

    Wayne is a media expert and particularly interested in the journalism transformation through technology.

  • Thomas Kim

    Chief Alliance Officer

    Thomas believes web3 technology will change the news industry, enrich the content quality, and support financial sustainability.

  • Hope Lee

    Head of Global Adoption

    Hope has expertise in investment banking. Worked for global hedge funds, venture capitalists, and private equity firms such as Accenture, Ascendas, and Korea Investment Securities.

  • Daniel Lee

    Chief Information Officer

    Daniel has profound knowledge of and know-how about developing and operating blockchain-based media companies.

  • Bell Moon

    Head of Operations

    Bell is a management support specialist focused on human resources, general affairs, judicial affairs, marketing, information security, and business planning.


  • James Han

    Director of Strategy Planning

    James is well-versed in developing global businesses from having worked in the finance and IT sectors.

  • David Kim

    Director of Business Development

    David has been working in the media industry, starting with the EconoTimes. He has an active interest in the use of blockchain technology in donation platforms.

  • Greg Choi

    Director of PUBLISH Institute for News and Technology

    Greg has been devoted to journalism innovation and social media research. He worked as a journalist for 20 years and taught courses in digital journalism at several universities for 15 years.

  • Alex Kim

    Director of Finance

    Alex oversees all financial activities at PUBLISH including controllership, financial policies, and accounting.