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PUBLISH, BDO Sunghyun to build blockchain-based ESG service

17 Dec. 2021

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PUBLISH CEO Sonny Kwon (left) and BDO CEO Yoon Kilbae (right) pose for a photo at an MoU signing ceremony.

PUBLISH is pleased to announce that it has partnered with BDO Sunghyun to build a new blockchain-based ESG (environmental, social, and governance) service capable of managing and trading carbon credits.

Launched by the merger of E-Hyun Accounting Corporation and Sungto Accounting Corporation in 2019, BDO Sunghyun is a Korean advisory, tax, and accounting firm as well as a member of the BDO global network, which extends across 167 countries and territories.

The firm’s ESG Center supports businesses with a broad range of ESG services, including ESG management system design, carbon emissions management, green business growth strategy, and ESG reporting.

Commenting on the partnership, BDO Sunghyun CEO Yoon Kilbae said, “I look forward to combining BDO Sunghyun’s deep understanding and knowledge of ESG topics with PUBLISH’s blockchain expertise in developing and implementing more sound ESG strategies based on high-quality data.”

“The era in which carbon consumption symbolized growth and prosperity is behind us,” PUBLISH CEO Sonny Kwon said, “Companies are increasingly expected to have a strong ESG proposition, and we look forward to being a part of this."

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