Based on distributed ledger technology, PUBLISHprotocol promotes fairness and transparency in the media industry and guides the development and design of PUBLISH-based apps.

Journalism in crisis

Competition from online substitutes

Publishers face strong competition from increasing numbers of digital-native news outlets and technologically advanced social media platforms and general-purpose search engines.

Lack of factchecking

While factchecking is more important than ever before, it is often seen as cost-ineffective and shunned in favour of producing more content in less time.

Erosion of journalism

Too much emphasis is placed on producing sensational or interest-oriented news.

Clickbait and misinformation

The prevalence of clickbait titles and fake news has resulted in lower levels of trust and engagement.

Unscrupulous commercialism

As publishers struggle to make ends meet, the pursuit of objectivity and truth is generally not seen as a priority.

In the name of journalism.




Blockchain-based content management solution



Asset management for PUBLISH-based tokens



Leveraging blockchain technology and swarm intelligence to verify news



Decentralized identifier for journalists


NEWS marketplace

Digital asset marketplace for NEWS and PUBLISH-based tokens



In-house media innovation lab

Innovating news

More financial sustainability

PUBLISH's token economy reinforces the triangle relationship between publishers, readers, and advertisers in a financially sustainable manner.

More diversity

PUBLISH is building a decentralized news ecosytem in which diverse and antagonistic views can coexist, free from manipulation and censorship.

Better journalism

PUBLISH has developed a token reward system that promotes the pursuit of truth.