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[Seoul Meta Week] "Blockchain will restore independent journalism," says PUBLISH director

5 Oct. 2022

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Han Jong-hun, director of the strategic planning division in PUBLISH / Tokenpost

PUBLISH is pleased to announce Han Jong-hun, our director of strategic planning division have made a speech in "2022 Seoul meta week" on October 4th. The topic was "NEWS 3.0: irreplaceable news". 

Director Han pointed out that "Journalists and Internet newspapers produce news, but the media ecosystem itself is collapsing as portal sites have taken the traffic of most readers." He pinpointed the lack of IT technology, leaning of traffic towards platform, reliance on portal site, increase of fake news as a background of this fall of journalism. 

He also mentioned that "The lack of relationship between Internet newspapers and news readers is the core of this problem" and said "PUBLISH's goal is to restore the credibility of the collapsed journalism through blockchain technology". For this reason, PUBLISH's Web3.0 ecosystem is trying to tokenize every journalism act by combing blockchain with journalism. 

Furthermore, director han explained that "PUBLISH has introduced an R2E method that allows users to receive NEWS tokens when reading and sharing articles. By doing this, we are rebuilding our relationship with readers by rewarding readers". and emphasized that "We are making the value of news itself as a digital asset. And combining compensation system with it, we will make the valuable news to strengthen their preservative values as possible".

He also made an example by introducing news as NFTs saying "NFT can be a channel that enables the interest and support of readers who are interested in the value of journalism and news reports. Also, it has positive effects on not only digital assetization, but digital relationships". 

In the end, he made his conclusion saying "The journalism industry can create an independent community that shares value based on contents and networking functions. Eventually have the potential to become an interesting industry with positive influence". 

This article is originally posted on Tokenpost, and permitted for publishing.

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