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8th NEWS giveaway: Learn about PUBLISH iD and earn up to 150 NEWS on top of your regular rewards

28 Sept. 2022

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PUBLISH is pleased to announce its 8th NEWS giveaway. From September 28 to October 27, users will receive additional token rewards for familiazing themselves with PUBLISHiD by completing a number of actions, from creating a PUBLISH iD account and signing in to PUBLISH link-affiliated news websites via PUBLISH iD to reading and sharing articles:

Action Reward
Reward per action Daily reward limit Note
Create an account 10 NEWS 10 NEWS Once only
Sign in 0.3 NEWS 0.3 NEWS Once per media outlet
Read an article 0.03 NEWS 1.5 NEWS Once per media outlet
Share an article 0.06 NEWS 90 NEWS Once per media outlet

Users can earn up to 150 tokens in addition to their usual token rewards. For more information, please visit

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