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PUBLISH, NewsPenguin sign MOU to raise awareness of endangered species using blockchain technology

28 Sept. 2022

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Business agreement of PUBLISH and NewsPenguin / NewsPenguin

PUBLISH is pleased to announce it have signed MOU with NewsPenguin on September 26th to raise awareness of endangered species using blockchain technology.

With NewsPenguin, a news media expertise on endangerd species and climate crisis, we will carry out various joint projects to make a stop to extinction of animals caused by climate crisis. First of all, both companies will make an effort to inform broadly about endangerd species all around the world. And carry out a project to foster and support activists leading in protecting endangered species. Also, establish a game-based website for everyone to provoke interest among animals in danger.

The two CEO of the companies mentioned about the project and ensuring that they will make efforts to protect endangered species. Kwon Sung-min, CEO of PUBLISH said "The endangered wildlife protection using blockchain technology and service will contribute to sustainability of our society by drawing out people's participation" adding "Let's continue to carry out beneficial and meaningful projects to prevent climate crisis and extinction."

And Kim Ki-jung, CEO of News Penguin, said "The types and numbers of wild animals disappearing little by little around us are the sixth barometer of mass extinction, including humans." and suggested "Let's try to encourage policy changes not only at the private level but also by the government through public projects to protect the endangered species."

This article is originally posted on Tokenpost, and permitted for publishing.

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