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Incheon Daily to use PUBLISH link read-and-earn solution

21 Sept. 2022

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PUBLISH and Incheon-Ilbo signs an alliance partnership

PUBLISH is pleased to announce it has made a business agreement with Incheon-Ilbo, a local newspaper in the Incheon region on September 20th. 

The two companies signed a partnership with PUBLISH link alliance, a blockchain-based virtual asset independent compensation service at the business agreement event held in Incheon-Ilbo on the 20th morning. We are hoping to provide new ways for the local newspapers to interact with readers and make a profit. 

Tech Media Enterprise PUBLISH provides the world's first blockchain-based Read & Earn service. And also service a decentralized wallet app called PUBLISH iD for blockchain-based decentralized identifier(DID), virtual assets, and NFT-archived. These services make users able to directly visit media and read or share articles and content.

PUBLISH link and PUBLISH iD aim for representative Web3.0 killer apps in the Web3.0 era which hold the value of "decentralization" and "personalization." Compensated NEWS tokens can be exchanged for KRW or other cryptocurrencies at two virtual asset exchanges: GOPAX and Cashierest.

Also, PUBLISH is promoting listing such as Upbit, Bithumb, and Coinone so that readers can use the rewarded NEWS tokens in the process of reading and sharing articles from our alliance media companies.

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