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PUBLISH donates KRW 100 million in NEWS to Korean Youth Diaspora Project

14 Sept. 2022

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PUBLISH making donation to Korean youth diaspora project

PUBLISH is pleased to announce an agreement with the "Korean youth diaspora project" to donate virtual assets valued at 100million KRW on September 14th. With this donation, we became the 1st official co-founder of this project. 

The project is powered by the Blue Tree Foundation, Korea Herald, and congress member Yang Hyang-ja to enhance the sense of belonging and self-esteem of Korean youths overseas. Also, to provide support and foster youth with global talents. Furthermore, they are in the progress to reach 100 co-founders in this project. 

Our donation will be used to provide travel to the motherlands and to foster Korean youths overseas. This donation is just an example of our effort to give hand to the ones in need. We also have the patent for a "Donation system and method using digital assets such as blockchain-based virtual currency(No. 10-1784197, September 27th, 2017)". And opened a donation page for virtual asset donation cooperating with international relief and development NGO, Worldvision. 

Kwon Sung-min, CEO of PUBLISH mentioned "The donation culture of the 2030 generation pursues the value of transparency and fairness based on active communication, sharing and diffusion of common interests". And said, "Virtual assets and NFTs are technologies and services suitable for the purpose, and we will actively participate in developing virtual asset donation culture". 

Ko Do-won, co-chairman of the project said "K-Diaspora Youth is a digital generation that aims for loose but strong solidarity across borders, time differences, online virtual worlds, and reality".

PUBLISH provides 'PUBLISHlink', the world's first service in the blockchain reward-based Web 3.0 news ecosystem, which gives rewards as virtual assets to readers and media companies when reading and sharing articles, and is striving to create a blockchain-based donation ecosystem.

This article is originally posted on Tokenpost, and permitted for publishing.

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