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PUBLISH launches PUBLISH iD referral program

5 Sept. 2022

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PUBLISH iD referral code input screen / PUBLISH

PUBLISH is pleased to announce the update of the referral program on PUBLISH iD service on September 5th. 

Based on the referral program, we will offer various rewards to both new and existing members of PUBLISH iD. First of all, we will provide 1,500 KRW worth of NEWS tokens to new members who signed up and existing members who provided the referral code before any further announcement. Also, there will be no limit on the number of participants for this event.

PUBLISH iD registration window(left), PUBLISH iD my page section(right)>

When a new member enters the referral code at the PUBLISH iD registration, both new and existing members can receive compensation. The compensation details can be found on the settlement page of PUBLISH link.

PUBLISH is hoping to expand the alliance through this update and benefit the members in future events.

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