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PUBLISH hosts networking event for PUBLISH Alliance members

1 Sept. 2022

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PUBLISH's '1st Alliance networking day' / PUBLISH

PUBLISH is pleased to announce it will hold the "1st Alliance networking day" for the alliance members. 

We hope to continuously communicate and inform our technology and services, use cases of NFT, compensation policies for alliance members, and so on. 40 or more members of the alliance will be participating in our networking day to share information, and ask questions about our service and policy. 

Also, we will provide our members with a celebration NFT of our networking day and a memorial NFT for national liberation day to get a chance to experience our blockchain technology and service. Kwon Sung-min, CEO of PUBLISH said "Alliance networking day is meant as a first step to establish a decentralized news ecosystem by directly interacting with our alliance partners", adding "Alliance partners will be having our full support to continue their growth and development".

In addition, NEWS tokens provided to readers through the PUBLISH link can be exchanged for KRW or other coins in two places: GOPAX and Cashierest, which are virtual asset exchanges.

This article is originally posted on Tokenpost, and permitted for publishing.

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