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PUBLISH CEO participates in Binance Live stream: "Who Will Capture the Construction Bonus in Web3?"

11 Aug. 2022

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'Who Will Capture the Construction Bonus in Web3? / Binance

PUBLISH is pleased to announce that it joins the "Binance Live" starting on August 12th.

The live online streaming is about "Who will capture the construction bonus in Web3?". Attending panels are Sonny Kwon(CEO of PUBLISH), Ethan Lee(CPO of a41), and Daniel(CMO of Talken).

The event is held by Binance, the No.1 cryptocurrency market referred by Coinmarketcap. On the stream, the panels are discussing the issues about NFT and membership, R&E(Read and Earn model), blockchain news ecosystem, and so on.

The stream is available at the link below.

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