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PUBLISH announces 1st NEWS giveaway: Earn up to 350,000 KRW in NEWS

18 July 2022

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PUBLISH "Read and share to earn NEWS token" event

PUBLISH is pleased to announce its 1st NEWS giveaway. Want to earn some cryptocurrency? Just read and share the news as much as possible!

We are giving NEWS tokens that value up to 350,000 KRW. Everyone could join the event by simply logging into PUBLISH link using PUBLISH iD. It's safe and simple to use DID(Decentralized Identifier) made by tech-media PUBLISH. You could learn more about the event on the PUBLISH event page

This event is to make users engaged in R2E(Read to Earn) which leads to a blockchain-based news ecosystem. The new ecosystem will benefit both readers and the news industry. Learn more about our new ecosystem on PUBLISH website.

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