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PUBLISH ESG Center, Creativemas to explore use of web3 in ESG content creation

14 April 2022

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PUBLISH ESG Center Head Park Sanggyu (left) and Creativemas CEO Lee Guik (right)

PUBLISH is pleased to announce it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Creativemas to create ESG content using web3 technology.

Creativemas, a digital advertising agency, is known for producing creative and effective video content as part of social media marketing campaigns. In addition to video content, it also develops an AI-powered chatbot service and AR (augmented reality) experiences.

“Creativemas prides itself on being innovative and attributes much of its success to the care it takes in understanding the brands it promotes and the customers they appeal to,” Creativemas CEO Lee Guik said. “We’re excited to work with the PUBLISH ESG Center and explore how web3 technologies such as distributed ledger technology can be used to create and produce new forms of engaging content for the ESG space,” he added.

“In the future, [PUBLISH and Creativemas] plan to develop a blockchain-based DAO protocol,” added PUBLISH ESG Center Head Park Sanggyu.

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