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PUBLISH to roll out decentralized identification system across media industry

20 Jan. 2021

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PUBLISH is pleased to announce it has successfully completed a closed beta-test of a blockchain-based decentralized identification (DID) platform and is ready to start commercialization.

The platform was developed to provide identification technology catering to the media industry. Unlike existing platform services, PUBLISH DID adheres to an international standard, which allows it to seamlessly integrate with other certification authorities and certificate types.


The solution will be made available to media companies via an API as well as to PUBLISHsoft clients in the first quarter of 2021. Through PUBLISH DID, users will be able to create a so-called Super ID, which can be used to conveniently and securely access a number of services via a mobile app using fingerprint and iris recognition.


Screen captures of Super ID feature in PUBLISH wallet

Commenting on the completion of the closed beta test, PUBLISH CEO Sonny Kwon remarked:

“2021 will see wide scale adoption of DID platform services across a number of sectors and in our everyday lives. PUBLISH looks forward to playing a leading role as an innovator in this space, especially as it applies to the media industry.”

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