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TokenPost adopts PUBLISHlink R2E (read-to-earn) solution

18 Jan. 2022

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PUBLISH is pleased to announce that TokenPost now uses PUBLISHlink as its R2E (read-to-earn) solution.

Available as an easy-to-integrate widget, PUBLISHlink allows news media companies to reward their readers in Luniverse-based NEWS coin for completing certain actions such as reading and sharing articles.

Readers with a PUBLISH iD account are able to earn rewards from any media company using PUBLISHlink as its R2E solution. At the time of writing, these include the Korean-language news publications TokenPost (토큰포스트), CBC News (CBC뉴스), News Prime (프라임경제), and WIKITREE (위키트리).

The PUBLISHlink widget displayed at the bottom of a news article. After signing in via PUBLISH iD, users are able to earn NEWS coin for reading and sharing articles. A donate button allows readers to tip the writer of the article.

NEWS can be withdrawn to any cryptocurrency wallet, including any exchange-linked wallet, that supports Luniverse-based NEWS coins. At the time of writing, these include PUBLISHwallet and PUBLISH iD, a blockchain-based self-sovereign identity solution with an integrated NEWS coin wallet.

Alternatively, holders can donate NEWS coin to any media outlet using PUBLISHlink.

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