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PUBLISH welcomes second cohort of PUBLISH Alliance members to participate in closed beta of PUBLISH link

24 Dec. 2021

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PUBLISH Alliance, a blockchain media consortium spearheaded by PUBLISH, is pleased to welcome a second cohort of members to participate in a closed beta of PUBLISH link, an API enabling news media organizations and journalists to manage a token economy and distribute token rewards to their readers

The first cohort was announced on 10 November 2021. The closed beta is expected to come to a close at the end of May 2022.

The second cohort includes 11 news media organizations, including AI Times (AI타임스), CBC News (CBC뉴스), Chemical News (케미컬뉴스), HelloDD(헬로우DD), Kuki Medical (쿠키메디컬), Kuki News (쿠키뉴스), Sisa Week (시사위크), Tax Watch (택스워치), The Scoop (더스쿠프), University Journal (대학저널), and Venture Square (벤처스퀘어).

MarketLink and BDO Sunghyun join as “Service” members. MarketLink specializes in online market research panels and big data solutions. BDO Sunghyun is a Korean advisory, tax, and accounting firm

“News media organizations participating in the closed beta will be able to reward users for reading articles and increase reader engagement,” said PUBLISH CEO Sonny Kwon. “Read-to-earn, or R2E, represents a new business model for the newspaper industry."

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