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PUBLISH, Korea Internet Newspaper Association (KINA) join forces to create sustainable media ecosystem

11 Nov. 2021

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From left to right: Kim Wigeun (PUBLISH Director), Lee Kyounggoo (PUBLISH General Manager), Kim Kihyeun (PUBLISH Director), Sonny Kwon (PUBLISH CEO), Lee Euichun (KINA President), Kim Sangkyu (KINA Vice-Chairman), Lee Jangkyu (KINA General Manager)

PUBLISH is pleased to announce it has entered into an agreement with the KINA (Korea Internet Newspaper Association) to create a sustainable media ecosystem, with blockchain technology serving to promote media transparency and trust.

Through the agreement, PUBLISH and KINA agreed to work together to roll out a blockchain-based press credentialing system for KINA members. The two organizations further agreed to collaborate in the areas of research and social good projects.

“The agreement will see KINA adopt blockchain and decentralized identity technology as a means of fact-checking news and verifying the identities of member organizations and journalists,” said Lee Euichun, “We expect this to lead to increased media trust and business opportunities”.

PUBLISH CEO Sonny Kwon (left) and KINA President (right) pose for a photo as part of an MOU signing ceremony on Nov. 9 at the Korea Press Center. 

PUBLISH CEO, Sonny Kwon, said, “We look forward to supporting KINA and helping the news media industry stay ahead of the game in an increasingly technological environment.”

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