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PUBLSH opens NEWS-ETH deposits

21 April 2021

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PUBLISH is pleased to announce the opening of NEWS-ETH (Ethereum-based NEWS tokens) deposits on TokenPost Korea Edition.

In addition to being able to withdraw NEWS-ETH, registered TokenPost users can now deposit NEWS-ETH into their TokenPost-linked cryptocurrency wallet by logging into their TokenPost account and going to “마이페이지” (My Page) > “입출금” (Deposits and withdrawals).

Then click “입금주소 생성” (Create wallet address).

Wait for the wallet address to be generated.

Finally, click “복사” (copy) to copy the wallet address.

Previously, PUBLISH swapped all 10 billion NEWS-EOS (EOSIO-based NEWS tokens) for 1 billion NEWS-LUK (Luniverse-based NEWS tokens) and 9 billion NEWS-ETH.

Now that the swap has been concluded, the trading of NEWS-EOS has been suspended indefinitely.

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