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News Penguin selects the Charonia sauliae as October's "Endangered Species of the Month"

30 Oct. 2023

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An Illustration by Jin Kwanwoo, composed entirely of the Korean for the Charonia sauliae.

PUBLISH, in partnerhip with News Penguin, is pleased to annouce the the selection of the Charonia sauliae, a large predatory sea snail, as October's "Endangered Species of the Month," highlighting the need for conservation efforts to protect the species.

Designated as a class 1 endangered species by the Korean Ministry of Environment, the Charonia sauliae has become the target of indiscriminate harvesting due to their large and beautiful shells.

Otherwise known as a trumpet conch, the species got its name because it would historically be used as a conch horn by the military, for example, to signal an attack. Despite this, the Charonia sauliae garners little public awareness. Moreover, it is served as a delicacy in restaurants on Ulleungdo Island, which further threatens their existence.

Commenting on this month’s selection Lee Hoorim, a manager at News Penguin, said, "Large molluscs such as the Charonia sauliae play an important role in marine ecosystems, including by controlling starfish populations.”

"By spotlighting the Charonia sauliae as this month’s 'Endangered Species of the Month', we hope to garner more public interest in the species," he added.

The "Endangered Species of the Month" campaign has thus far highlighted several endangered species, such as the Suwon tree frog, the banded houndshark, and the Korean fir, among others.

PUBLISH is proud to support News Penguin in its efforts to protect the world's biodiversity by minting and distributing NFTs of digital artworks depicting the endangered species.

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