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PUBLISH launches global version of News Thomas Web3 app, offering news rewards in tokens and NFTs

21 Sept. 2023

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A screen capture from the English edition of the News Thomas website.

PUBLISH is pleased to announce the launch of the global version of News Thomas, a revolutionary Web3 app that rewards users in NEWS tokens and NFTs for reading and sharing news stories.

The app sets itself apart as a state-of-the-art news aggregation service, deploying a hybrid of AI technology and user-stated preferences to deliver a uniquely personalized and rewarding news experience.

News content, sourced directly from PUBLISH Alliance member-organizations, is readily available through an in-app browser for optimal user convenience.

Other convenience features include the ability to sign in via social networks, subscribe to news alerts, perform full-text searches, and securely manage various cryptocurrencies, including PUBLISH’s own NEWS token.

Future releases will see the addition of an in-app store and games, among other forms of entertainment.

Previously only available in Korea, News Thomas is now available for download in 9 additional regions including the US, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, the UK, the Philippines, Thailand, India, and Turkey. PUBLISH's NEWS token is listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges such as Elbank, Bingex, Bithumb, and Gopax.

Commenting on the launch, PUBLISH CEO Sungmin Kwon, said, “News Thomas redefines the way we consume news by rewarding users every time they read and share news content,” adding that “people from all around the world can participate in this revolutionary news media ecosystem.”

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