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News Penguin selects little tube-nosed bat as September's "Endangered Species of the Month"

19 Sept. 2023

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An Illustration by Jin Kwanwoo, composed entirely of the Korean for the little tube-nosed bat, "작은관코박쥐"

PUBLISH is pleased to report that News Penguin has selected the little tube-nosed bat (Murina aurata) as September's "Endangered Species of the Month," highlighting the need for conservation efforts to protect the species.

Designated as a class 1 endangered species by the Korean Ministry of Environment, an adult little tube-nosed bat has an average body length of just 4.5 cm and weighs no more than 7 g—roughly the size of an adult male's thumb and smaller than a golf ball.

Though it looks similar to other tube-nosed bats, the little tube-nosed bat is smaller and has a light brown color. It further distinguishes itself from other bats owing to its protruding tube-shaped nose.

Endemic to the Korean peninsula, the bat remained undetected for 52 years from 1959 to 2011. However, since 2011, sightings of the bat have once again been reported, albeit in limited numbers.

Unlike other bat species, the little tube-nosed bat does not generally inhabit caves. Instead, it prefers dense forests, seeking refuge in tree hollows and rock crevices, beneath fallen trees or leaves, and in abandoned warehouses. As a result, this elusive species can be harder to observe.

Unfortunately, as bats tend to be unfairly maligned as disease carriers, they are often overlooked as subjects of conservation efforts. The COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, has only served to perpetuate this negative perception.

In a bid to counteract this view, News Penguin, in partnership with PUBLISH, distributed a little tube-nosed bat NFT to garner public support for the conservation of this unique species.

The "Endangered Species of the Month" campaign has thus far highlighted several endangered species, such as the Suwon tree frog, the banded houndshark, and the Korean fir, among others.

PUBLISH is proud to support News Penguin in its efforts to protect the world's biodiversity by minting and distributing NFTs of digital artworks depicting the endangered species.

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