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PUBLISH brings Web3 to media industry with beta launch of "News Thomas" reward-based news app

20 July 2023

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News Thomas

PUBLISH is pleased to announce the launch of “News Thomas”, a revolutionary Web3 app that rewards users in cryptocurrency and NFTs for signing in, reading and sharing news, and actively participating in campaigns.

News Thomas sets itself apart as a state-of-the-art news aggregation service, deploying a hybrid of AI technology and user-stated preferences to deliver a uniquely personalized news experience.

News content is sourced directly from PUBLISH Alliance members and is easily accessible via an in-app browser, enhancing user convenience and readability.

The app also boasts a comprehensive suite of features aimed at user convenience and engagement. Users can seamlessly sign in via their social networks of choice, subscribe to news alerts from preferred media outlets, perform news-related searches, and securely manage their cryptocurrencies. Future updates include a built-in store, NFT management capabilities, and multilingual support.

Existing PUBLISH iD users can link their existing cryptocurrency accounts to News Thomas using their 12-word seed phrase.

To celebrate the launch, PUBLISH is giving away 200 NEWS tokens for new sign ups until the end of August. Additionally, users who read and share articles will enjoy double the usual reward payout.

Upon the launch, PUBLISH CEO Sonny Kwon expressed his vision for News Thomas:

"Our aim with News Thomas is to redefine the value of news content. We seek to foster a healthy media ecosystem where every news article is effectively assetized, thereby holding intrinsic value."

PUBLISH was founded in 2018 as a response to decreasing newspaper revenues and increasing newspaper closures.

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