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Good Day NFT Campaign celebrates Summer with "Dano" NFT

22 June 2023

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사진 = '단오' 기념 NFT 이미지 / 토큰포스트

PUBLISH, in partnership with TokenPost, is pleased to announce the issuance of an NFT to celebrate the “Dano” festival as part of the Good Day NFT Campaign.

Dano, primarily observed in Gangneung, Gangwon Province, is a traditional Korean holiday that typically falls on May 5th on the lunar calendar. This year, the date coincides with June 22 on the solar calendar.

The Gangneung Danoje Festival is the most well-known Dano custom. Recognized as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2005, the festival features a fascinating blend of Confucian ceremonies and shamanistic rituals, traditional mask dances, indigenous games, and a bustling outdoor market.

The "Good Day NFT Campaign" is a joint initiative by PUBLISH and TokenPost, aimed at highlighting significant domestic and international events and holidays through the issuance and distribution of commemorative NFTs.

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