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PUBLISH Institute on the future of news and Web3 rewards

15 June 2023

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Today's journalism industry faces a significant challenge: quantifying the worth of news in the digital realm and ensuring it receives its due recognition and value. This isn't merely about the survival of media organizations. Instead, it's about transforming the quality journalism into a vibrant, shared experience. When news becomes less about honest reporting and more about commercial interests or provocation, the credibility of the press can take an irreparable hit. This, in turn, can lead to cracks in the foundations of our democratic societies.

Modern digital technologies play an instrumental role in overcoming this crisis. They enable news to reach further, faster, and more accurately than ever before. Sometimes, this involves sophisticated integration with search engines. Other times, it's about tailoring news presentation based on user preferences to create a more engaging and personal experience. It all hinges on producing high-quality, relevant content, which digital tools can help disseminate more effectively. Continue reading...

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