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PUBLISH Institute on the transformative potential of Web3 and blockchain on the news media industry

30 May 2023

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Blockchain technology serves as a fundamental building block of Web3, a term referring to the vision of a decentralized web.

Initially coined by Ethereum blockchain protocol co-founder Gavin Wood, the term has elicited a mixed-bag of opinions, ranging from being a mere buzzword to being hailed as the future of the internet.

Despite this contention, numerous prominent players from across various industries have embraced Web3, and the media industry is no exception. A prime example is Time magazine, which made headlines in 2022 with the launch of 'TIMEPieces', a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) featuring iconic Time covers.

To explore how Web3 and blockchain technology are shaping the media industry, we invite readers to delve into a recent post by PUBLISH Institute on the topic:

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