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PUBLISH CEO Sungmin Kwon aired on Mongolian National Broadcaster

22 May 2023

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[MNB Broadcasting Screen - Official National Broadcasting Company of Mongolia]

The keynote lecture given by Sungmin Kwon, the CEO of PUBLISH, during "2023 World Journalists Conference", was aired on Mongolia's official state broadcaster, MNB.

PUBLISH has recently entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Mongolian Journalists Association and the Mongolian Website Association. The objective of this collaboration is to implement decentralized press credentials using Distributed Identity (DID) technology and establish a cutting-edge blockchain-based Web 3.0 ecosystem.

By forging this alliance, PUBLISH aims to fortify its ongoing endeavors for global expansion.

For those interested, the lecture video can be found on MNB's official Facebook page.

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