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PUBLISH aims to revolutionize news ecosystem with NFT-based compensation system

3 May 2023

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출처: 전북도민일보

Thomas Kim, Director of PUBLISH Alliance, was invited to give a lecture on "PUBLISH's Service Direction and Alliance Support Measures" at Jeonbuk Ilbo on the May 3rd, revealing the usefulness and blueprint of PUBLISH Protocol.

Kim said, "PUBLISH operates a compensation policy for all participants, including media outlets, readers, and journalists, who make up the media ecosystem," and explained the NFT-based support system. PUBLISH is currently expanding the development of the usage of news tokens distributed through "PUBLISH Link" and promoting campaign-based news token rewards.

Kim also mentioned that Publish limits news token rewards for users who post malicious comments and strives to prevent security incidents and minimize damage. The lecture was held as part of the first support for off-site training sponsored by the Korea Press Foundation in 2023.

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