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Revitalizing Local News: PUBLISH, a Blockchain-Based News Ecosystem, Rewards Readers and Journalists

27 April 2023

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2023 World Journalists Conference

According to Bloter, PUBLISH is making waves as a public interest project that aims to halt the decline of local newspapers.

In a special lecture delivered by Kwon Sung-min, the CEO of PUBLISH, at the "2023 World Journalists Conference" on the 25th, Bloter reported on the significance of this innovative platform. PUBLISH's blockchain-based "R&E (Read and Earn)" service incentivizes users by rewarding them with tokens (cryptocurrencies) for reading and sharing articles. This, according to Kwon, creates "a potentially sustainable community and system by increasing reader loyalty and direct visits to news media," making it a more attractive platform for local newspapers.

Bloter also highlighted several local newspapers that have joined the PUBLISH Alliance, including Chungcheong Today, Gangwon Ilbo, and The Scoop. They went on to suggest that the issuance of not only NEWS tokens but also NFTs (non-fungible tokens) could enhance the value of news and further incentivize reader engagement.

Overall, PUBLISH offers a promising solution for local newspapers struggling to navigate the challenging media landscape of today. By incentivizing readers and rewarding quality journalism, PUBLISH provides a sustainable ecosystem for news media that benefits both publishers and readers alike.

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