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PUBLISH CEO to Speak on blockchain-based news ecosystems at 2023 World Journalists Conference

25 April 2023

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2019년 '세계기자대회'에 참석한 기자들 모습. 11회째를 맞은 행사는 코로나19발발로 4년 만에 초청 행사로 열리는 의미를 지닌다. 방역 문제 등이 있었던 최근 몇 년, 세계기자대회는 온라인으로 진행돼 왔다.

PUBLISH is pleased to announce that Sonny Kwon, the company's CEO, has been invited to speak at the 2023 World Journalists Conference.

Sonny's presentation will focus on "Blockchain-based news ecosystems," and is expected to take place at 4:15 PM on Tuesday, April 25 (KST).

The presentation will be interpreted and broadcast live on YouTube. Presentation slides will be made available for download via the Korea Journalists Association’s website at a later date.

The 11th World Journalists Conference is a six-day event from April 24 to 29, bringing together over 70 journalists from 50 different countries to discuss the future of the media industry and digital transformation.

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