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PUBLISH holds "2nd Alliance Networking Day" for PUBLISH Alliance members

25 April 2023

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사진 = 제2회 퍼블리시 얼라이언스 네트워킹 데이 / 퍼블리시

PUBLISH is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of its "2nd Alliance Networking Day" event, which brought together members of PUBLISH Alliance to promote collaboration and information-sharing.

The Alliance Networking Day is a regular event for members of PUBLISH Alliance, providing valuable opportunities to share information and insights about the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in the media industry.

The event was led by PUBLISH Alliance General Manager Kim Kihyun, who presented on various topics, including but not limited to, PUBLISH’s read-and-earn solution, news article tokenization, and PUBLISH iD.

PUBLISH CEO Sonny Kwon expressed his commitment to expanding the use of NEWS tokens and increasing its value. He also pledged to continue supporting the growth and development of the PUBLISH Alliance members.

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