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News Penguin selects the Suwon Tree Frog as March’s "Endangered Species of the Month"

24 March 2023

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사진 = 진관우 작가가 그린 수원청개구리 / 뉴스펭귄

PUBLISH is pleased to announce that News Penguin has selected the Suwon Tree Trog as May's "Endangered Species of the Month", highlighting the need for conservation efforts to protect the species.

The Suwon Tree Frog is a Korean native species designated as a Class I endangered wildlife. It was first discovered in Suwon in 1980 and named after the city. The frog is currently known to inhabit only a small number of locations, including some areas in Gyeonggi Province such as Suwon, Hwaseong, and Paju, as well as Wonju in Gangwon Province and Asan in South Chungcheong Province.

The Suwon Tree Frog is the only amphibian classified as a Class I endangered wildlife species by the Korean Ministry of Environment, the number frogs has decreased sharply in recent years a result of urban development. The few that manage to survive struggle to reach maturity due to pesticides and herbicides.

As a result, the Suwon Tree Frog is a rare sight with an average of just one or two reported sightings annually. As an endemic species of South Korea, conservation policies are urgently needed to prevent it from disappearing altogether.

News Penguin, a news media outlet focused on the protection of endangered animal and plant species, has previously selected the Japanese murrelet, the Korean fir and the banded houndshark as the focus of its awareness-building “Endangered Species of the Month” campaign.

PUBLISH is proud to support News Penguin in its efforts to protect the world’s biodiversity by minting and distributing NFTs of digital artworks depicting the endangered species

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