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PUBLISH to offer NEWS token rewards at Finnq and ALock "Wallet Connection Event"

10 Jan. 2023

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PUBLISH is delighted to announce the launch of the "ALock Wallet Connection Rewards Event" in partnership with Finnq and ALock, starting January 9th. Participants in the event will be rewarded with NEWS tokens.

During the event, Finnq transfer and check card users will earn a reward of 100 KRW in NEWS for every transaction they make. Participants are able to earn up to 7 rewards per day, totaling 21,000 KRW per month.

The process for receiving rewards is straightforward. After linking the Finnq app and the ALock digital wallet, participants simply need to press "Connect to ALock Wallet" within the Finnq app. The rewards can then be withdrawn through the ALock digital wallet and exchanged for cash on a cryptocurrency exchange.

The inclusion of NEWS tokens as rewards in the event is expected to have a positive impact, including increased customer satisfaction and greater adoption of the token.

Finnq, a subsidiary of Hana Financial Group, is a fintech company that offers financial products through mobile applications. With over 10 million downloads and 4.1 million subscribers, Finnq is expanding its services by leveraging data-based technology.

ALock is a blockchain development company with expertise in digital wallet development. They have collaborated with partners in various industries, including finance, transportation, gaming, and education, both domestically and internationally. The company is also developing a blockchain-based platform with Samsung SDS and expanding its services to include the NFT service, My Meta Gallery.

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