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PUBLISH joins forces with the Korea Local Broadcasting Association to develop blockchain-based media platform

10 Dec. 2020

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PUBLISH is pleased to announce that it has joined forces with the Korea Private Broadcasting Association to develop a new regional digital media platform.

The platform will leverage decentralized identification (DID) technology, which combines the convenience of federated authentication with the principles of self-sovereign identity (SSI) whereby users completely own, control and manage their own identity.

The collaboration will also see the minting of a new cryptographic token, serving as a payment method for advertisers and within a new online store connecting local businesses with shoppers across the country.

In line with the spirit of decentralization, the token can be transferred to a software wallet address owned and managed by the token holder.

About Korea Private Broadcasting Association

The Korea Private Broadcasting Association is a federation of 9 regional private television and radio broadcasting networks including:

  • KNN (Korea New Network) based in Busan
  • TBC (Taegu Broadcasting Corporation) based in Daegu
  • KBC (Ksed inwangju Broadcasting Corporation) ba Gwangju
  • TJB (Taejon Broadcasting Corporation) based in Daejeon
  • JTV (Jeonju Television) based in Jeonju
  • CJB (Cheongju Broadcasting) base in Cheongju
  • UBC (Ulsan Broadcasting Corporation) based in Ulsan
  • G1 (Gangwon №1 Broadcasting) based in Chuncheon
  • JIBS (Jeju Free International City Broadcasting System) based in Jeju City

The association was established in 2011 to promote regional broadcasters in the face of increased media consolidation. The association has its own television channel called 9colors, which amalgamates a selection of content contributed by member organizations.

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