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PUBLISH CEO gives talk at Korea Association of Information Systems conference

25 Oct. 2022

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PUBLISH is pleased to announce Kwon Sung-min, CEO of our company was invited to give a speech at the "2022 Korea association of information systems conference" held on October 22th.

He made a speech on "Challenging blockchain business: Building a new ecosystem and creating value" which relates to "Data-driven digital finance and business value creation", the overall topic of this conference. He explained to the members of the association about the Web3.0 news ecosystem we make with blockchain, and how digital assets can work to open new futures.

To revitalize the Web3.0 news ecosystem, PUBLISH recently supports NEWS token, a virtual asset, for all members of media companies such as journalists, editors, and others, and is promoting service updates that link it with PUBLISH iD and PUBLISH link.

In addition, PUBLISH is upgrading its compensation management system on PUBLISHlink in conjunction with this update, preparing a virtual asset compensation function for media members, including reporters who are news producers, in conjunction with DID journalism and employee ID services.

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