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Announcement PUBLISH(NEWS) Listing on LBank Exchange

20 April 2023

PUBLISH(NEWS) is proud to announce its listing on LBank Exchange, effective April 20th.

This marks a significant milestone for PUBLISH(NEWS) and its community of supporters, who have shown unwavering support for the project.

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※ "Cautionary Note Regarding Incorrect Deposits:


⚠️ NEWS listed on Bithumb Exchange is based on ERC-20.

Please be advised that there may be issues related to incorrect deposits. The newly listed NEWS token is based on ERC-20, not on the LMT base of PUBLISHID and PUBLISHwallet. Depositing the LMT-based NEWS coin to LBank exchange will cause permanent loss of coins.

(We do not have the authority to cancel transactions that have already been sent.)

⚠️To deposit the LMT based NEWS coin to an exchange, please use the Swap Station.

We strongly advise users not to enter the deposit address of the exchange into the withdrawal address of the Swap Station. We recommend that you enter the whitelist personal wallet registered and approved in advance by each exchange as the withdrawal address to prevent losses due to the travel rule of the exchange. When using the Swap Station, please check and comply with the travel rules of each exchange.

How to use Swap Station


For any other inquiries please contact the Kakao Talk PUBLISH Customer Service

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